Welcome to AXA

Welcome to AXA

The Albany Executives Association (AXA) is the premiere business and professional networking organization in the Capital District that offers members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, referrals. Our organization is structured as one person per profession, working together to build their businesses through word-of-mouth marketing. You can find a list of our members by searching our member directoryLisa Despart Exec of the Year

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Any number of AXA members will tell you that their membership is one of their most valuable business development aides. Another key benefit is that AXA is category exclusive association ... you are the only individual who can market your product or service in your designated category.

AXA has luncheon meetings every Monday at the Italian American Community Center and host select events throughout the year. Please browse our site to learn more and feel free to contact us for more information or apply online to request membership.

Michele Peters, AIFD, Named 2018 AXA Executive of the Year

This year’s Executive of the Year Award recipient is the oldest of 6 girls- and grew up surrounded by laughter, love and a little bit of chaos!  The child of hardworking parents, this person witnessed the value of hard work. Raised in Castleton NY, she graduated from Maple Hill High School, honing her craft in work study.  As a young girl, she created arrangements in her basement with her grandmother; she has always been part of the floral world!

After years of working and learning, she opened her own shop, Ambiance Florals & Events, in 2005.  A family affair, her parents, sisters, and husband all work with her to make sure the business is a success!

This year’s recipient has a robust and impressive resume. In her professional world, she has earned AIFD status - American Institute of Floral Designers- the equivalent of a PHD in the floral industry! She is also involved in community events such as the Capital Region Garden and Flower Show, which she has chaired. Channeling her entrepreneurial spirit, she created a new flower show in Albany, “Cathedral in Bloom” that had an extraordinary inaugural debut this year. Her shop is a member of the Capital District Wedding Association where many work together as a team to make an event fly. She takes time out of her busy days to visit preschool classes, where she talks about colors, types of flowers, and creates small arrangements with the children. She also teaches floral classes at nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and Senior Community Centers across the Capital Region. 

She also gives back to several other worthy organizations including, but certainly not limited to, the Red Cross, Senior Services of Albany, the Regional Food Bank, the Unity House of Troy, many VFW’s, as well as participating in a number of Go Red for Women Events. Her motto? “You have to give to get.”

She is currently a table captain and one of AXA’s newest board members.  She is a wonderful ambassador for this organization and her enthusiasm is infectious.

 They say that while people join organizations for a variety of reasons- they stay because of how they feel.  This year’s recipient is in the business of making people feel good- and truly lives it. Congratulations to AXA’s 2018 Executive of the Year – Michele Peters!

Please visit http://www.ambianceflorals.com/ for more information on Michele and her shop! 

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Management Advisory Group has been serving small business owners for 28 years helping them to grow while "navigating" the"high seas" (challenges) that all small businesses inevitably face: dealing with issues of 1) manpower, 2) facilities and systems, 3) finance, 4) marketing and sales, and 5) leadership (including succession). Bringing nearly a half-century of experience in over 80 different industries for hundreds of clients, Stan Simkins( founder and president) helps small business owners to movet heir organizations to the next level. Not only does he assist with proper planning, but also with IMPLEMENTATION… the "key"to success. Often times, these owners are frustrated that they are working harder for their business than their business is working for them; yet the owners know their business has untapped potential… and they (the owners) are "coachable".

Taking the lead together...

The objective of the Albany Executives Association, Inc. shall be to institute and maintain a method of exchanging and interchanging business information among its members and fostering relationships to achieve business growth.

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