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Tiffany Orner 
Waste Removal - Single Haul & Cleanout
398 Anthony St.   
Schenectady, NY 12308
Bus. # (518) 944-0901
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Webpage: www.jdogempire.com

JDog is a veteran owned and operated company. Its mission is to empower, serve and protect. We empower by offering veterans entrepreneurship opportunities and a home where, like their service to our country, there’s comradery, accountability and sincerity. We serve our community like we served our country: with Respect, Integrity and Trust. Lastly, we protect the environment, as only 20% of all junk and material we collect touches a landfill, with the other 80% getting recycled, reused or repurposed. JDog operates in both commercial and residential arenas, providing services in the following markets: commercial construction, commercial property management, senior living, storage companies, residential property management, as well as residential and commercial remodeling. The services provided by JDog include (but are certainly not limited to): junk hauling, scrap metal removal, property cleanouts, yard waste removal, applicant removal, furniture removal, electronic removal, hot tub and pool removal, mattress box springs, and much more.

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