John Wisniewski Named 2018-19 AXA Distinguished Service Award Recipient

The recipient of the Greg Hatt Distinguished Service Award was born in Syracuse, NY; however, he grew up in many places around the country including Binghamton, NY, CliftonPark, NY, and Washington D.C. As a young boy, he learned how to make money, entrepreneurship, and how to sell efficiently. As the oldest of two boys he had the usual household chores, like mowing the lawn and helping his father around the house. He also operated seasonal window washing and shoveling businesses, and never gave up when trying to make a sale. He even got his first briefcase when he was only 6 years old ! To no one’s surprise, he has now grown into an incredibly successful businessman. When he is not trying to close deals, he enjoys reading, going to concerts, attending car shows, caring for his perfectly manicured lawn, and traveling to places near and far with his wife of 19 years, Carolyn. He is also a very active member within AXA, serving as a Board Memberand Membership Chair. In summary, this individual enjoys life, respects others, and truly loves what he does. It is our pleasure to present the 2018-19 Greg Hatt Award to John Wisniewski of Northstar Energy.

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