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Management Advisory Group has been serving small business owners for 28 years helping them to grow while "navigating" the"high seas" (challenges) that all small businesses inevitably face: dealing with issues of 1) manpower, 2) facilities and systems, 3) finance, 4) marketing and sales, and 5) leadership (including succession). Bringing nearly a half-century of experience in over 80 different industries for hundreds of clients, Stan Simkins( founder and president) helps small business owners to movet heir organizations to the next level. Not only does he assist with proper planning, but also with IMPLEMENTATION… the "key"to success. Often times, these owners are frustrated that they are working harder for their business than their business is working for them; yet the owners know their business has untapped potential… and they (the owners) are "coachable".

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The objective of the Albany Executives Association, Inc. shall be to institute and maintain a method of exchanging and interchanging business information among its members and fostering relationships to achieve business growth.

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