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Ray Seefeld 
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Ray Seefeld discussed how important his 24+ year membershipin AXA is to his success, as well as his company’s transition from Superior to Workplace Central. Basically, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Even though Superior has teamed up with a larger regional company in Workplace Central, they still offer the same great services including free next day delivery; no minimum order limit; personal attention; same phone, fax, and email info; same delivery personnel; Ray Seefeld, leadership and expertise; Chris Boprey telephone-sales support; and Individual customer service levels. Everything we do is designed with our customers in mind. Our philosophy is simple.Treat the customers with the same care and respect, as you would expect, provide quality products, and guarantee low prices. What may surprise you is that not only will you save money, but also you’ll get better service at the same time.When you think of Ray, think of Office Supplies.

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The objective of the Albany Executives Association, Inc. shall be to institute and maintain a method of exchanging and interchanging business information among its members and fostering relationships to achieve business growth.

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